A tender kiss from Ryan Gosling is only a browser tab away

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Well, thank goodness for the Internet.

It was a slow Monday morning when my editor called me into his office.

“O’Connor,” he growled. “I’ve got an assignment for you.”

“What is it, boss?” I asked.

We took a long drag of our cigarettes.

“I need you to kiss Ryan Gosling,” he said.

“Anything for a story, sir,” I said.

But I was anxious when I walked out of the towering Daily Dot offices. I dragged my feet in the snow. How the hell am I going to pull this off, I wondered. I don’t even know Ryan Gosling. Also, I’m not into dudes.

Well, thank goodness for the Internet. More specifically, thank goodness for KissingRyan.com, a website where you can take a picture of yourself with a superimposed image of Ryan Gosling kissing someone.


He’s come around on cereal, too.


I shared this cool site with my editor.

He nodded. “That’ll do,” he said curtly.

A minute later, this appeared in my inbox: 


And then the Gosling love kept pouring in:



Photos via KissingRyan.com

ryan gosling
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In the past two years, Ryan Gosling has thoroughly infiltrated Tumblr, was the unwitting subject of a Paul Ryan Twitter parody account, and disrupted the flow of Vine by refusing to eat his cereal. When will the Internet tire of his sleepy blue eyes and dashing heroics?
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