Kids reenacting Best Picture nominees is the only Oscar primer you need

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Haven’t seen any of this year’s Oscar Best Picture nominees yet? No problem—just watch this bite-sized primer instead.

Haven’t seen any of this year’s Oscar Best Picture nominees yet? No problem—just watch this bite-sized primer instead.

These children are too young to actually see any of the nine films up for the award, but that doesn’t stop them from trying to find something for everyone. Official Comedy made kid versions of the nominated films, and now it’s CineFix’s turn to have kids bust out their best acting chops and do justice to the films the Academy deemed among the best.

It's not easy to find a kid-friendly scene in every nominated movie. The kids didn't go on any of Leonardo DiCaprio or Jonah Hill’s F-bomb-laced rants from The Wolf of Wall Street, for example. And when it comes to 12 Years A Slave, there’s only one scene in the entire movie that the producers were even comfortable with the kids acting out.

If you’ve seen it, you could probably even guess which one.

H/T Vulture | Photo via CineFix/YouTube

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