Vilified baseball player and Twitter legend Jose Canseco engaged in a little arts and crafts on Tuesday.

Vilified baseball player and Twitter legend Jose Canseco engaged in a little arts and crafts on Tuesday, painting a very accurate depiction of Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig.

Oh, you wanted a close-up?

That's right. That's a North America–shaped dragon stacked with a black-bone horn and moon-crescent eyes who's either sticking his tongue straight through sharp-as-nails teeth or projectile-vomiting a sockful of blood. 

It's also Selig, ruler of the professional baseball world and public enemy No. 1 in la casa de Canseco. As this interview with Vice points out, the former Bash Brother—reviled more than any other former ballplayer for his use of steroids—has never been too much of a fan of the man. 

So what'd it go for? Canseco has yet to announce the winning bid, but offers ranged from $100 to $4.65 to "75 cents and some stale cheez its."

One fella, Los Angeles marketing man Scott Perry, seems to be the leader in the auction. He offered $200 for the piece before upping his ante to a cool $250

Jose, that's a steal of a deal. Take it, brother! Take it!

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