Guy takes his gorgeous cat to prom for truly enchanted evening

My brother took our cat to prom

Photo via caroline12006/Imgur (CC-BY)

Meow, what could be more romantic?

When prom is just around the corner and you still haven’t found a date, what’s a boy to do? Stay home, listen to sad songs, and whimper? Strut confidently through prom with a pack of your best bros?

Last year, Sam Steingard, found himself in this exact predicament. But when he looked around, he realized the greatest love of all had been right in front of him all along.

In what may be the most epic prom photo of all time, Steingard is all decked out for the big dance alongside his gorgeous date, Ruby the cat.

Steingard’s sister Caroline posted the photo to Imgur on Sunday, and it's racked up over 100,000 views in less than 24 hours. While she pokes fun that Steingard “couldn’t find a date,” if you ask us these two look as happy as can be. And according to Ruby’s Instagram, the duo are “bffs.”

Selfie with my bff 😻 #Sam #Meow

A post shared by Ruby the Pretty Kitty (@rubytheprettykitty) on

And though it appears their relationship has become long-distance with Steingard off at college, the two still cherish holiday breaks together.

I hate my family #meow

A post shared by Ruby the Pretty Kitty (@rubytheprettykitty) on

From the looks of this spring break selfie, captured by father Brian Steingard, their love still runs deep.

Spring break selfies with Ruby...

A post shared by Bryan S (@steinee) on

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