Bae caught this great white shark sleeping

shark sleeping

Screengrab via Discovery/YouTube

Even killers need to snooze.
Sharks—they're just like us! 

Most people know that the sea beasts can't stop moving, or else they'll sink the the bottom of the ocean and perish, which means they stay in constant swim mode. And yes, they need to be cruising even as they sleep.

But a snoozing great white had never been caught on camera—until this year's Shark Week. A robotic submersible was able to film Emma, an lady-shark being tracked on Jaws of the Deep, with her mouth open and totally conked out, all the while still gliding through the waters. 

Now, do they wake up as crabby as humans tend to?

H/T Gizmodo

shark week
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Back in 2013, Shark Week fell from the good graces of many when it aired Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives. The program had all the trappings of a real science documentary except the whole thing was scripted and played by actors to promote an absurd notion: that a long-extinct massive shark still lurked somewhere beneath the waves. At the time, many thought the “documentary” was real, and in turn believed it was possible the megalodon still existed.
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