CrossFitter disguised as old man trolls bodybuilders at Muscle Beach

muscle beach

Photo via tylerkaraszewski/Flickr (CC-BY 2.0)

Do you even lift, grandpa?

Somebody get this old guy his dentures—and a protein shake.

Meatheads and spectators at Santa Monica, California's famous Muscle Beach gym were astonished when a cardigan-sporting, khaki-wearing grandpa figure strolled over to the weights and totally crushed 'em. But things weren't exactly what they seemed.

Turns out the geezer wasn't as old and fragile as he looked. Under a lot of makeup and latex was fitness athlete and CrossFit Games competitor Kenneth Leverich. Who, you know, is totally buff and lifts weights like this all the time. The Muscle Beach crowd of course didn't realize that, so they're understandably pretty damn amazed. 

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The video from Thrillist is actually a piece of sponsored content by booze brand Smith and Forge. Nonetheless, it's pretty darn hilarious.

If you need us we'll be at the gym, trying to keep up with this guy. 

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