This girl is everyone who has ever been dragged to a baseball game

baseball stadium

Photo via epler/Flickr (CC-BY 2.0)

She hit it out of the park.

For anyone who's not an avid sports fan, sitting through a baseball game can take an eternity. Especially when everyone looks to be having a grand old time and you're just counting down the innings. 

A girl was spotted at Wednesday's Blue Jays-Yankees game doing what anyone ever stuck in this situation is likely guilty of: 

It appears she Googled something along the lines of "how long does a baseball game last" and hit up the first result for some answers. The TripAdvisor post she's reading is pretty helpful, but also somewhat daunting considering the top answer notes that the longest baseball game on record was over eight hours long. 

Next time she winds up stuck at a baseball game, we suggest lots and lots of beer and hot dogs to help make the time pass. 

H/T BroBible

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