Giant pandas won't let zookeepers clean up their mess

giant panda

Photo via andrew_annemarie/Flickr (CC-BY-SA 2.0)

But they look oh so adorable doing it.

The panda may be one of the most adorable members of the animal kingdom, but they're also some of the most rambunctious, bothersome critters around, with a near-constant need to play. At least they're so cuddly that you can't stay mad at them long.

Giant pandas at a breeding base in Sichuan, China, didn't make it easy when their keepers were just trying to clean up after them. Instead of letting the staff do their job, these bumbling puffballs thought it'd be cute to make an even bigger mess. Tipping over the basket full of collected leaves, climbing into the basket, anything to keep this poor woman from just tidying up. What adorable jerks.

Yet another thing panda bears do that humans would never get away with.
Giant pandas shatter world record for panda sex
Roughly 75 percent of your average Chinese zookeeper’s job is to coerce giant pandas into copulating. For whatever reason, though—unrealistic standards for panda beauty, or maybe persistent headaches—they usually aren’t into it. (Actually, it’s more that a female panda has a single estrous cycle each year, lasting only two-to-seven days. Breeders trying to save the species have often relied on artificial insemination.)
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