The McDonald's of the future includes all-you-can-eat fries


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Is Missouri ready for this?

The city of St. Joseph, Missouri, has officially been put on the map by a new addition set to open in July. 

McDonald's has announced that a franchise "of the future" is coming to St. Joe. It's similar in scope to the hipster McD's of Hong Kong that offered Chipotle-esque customization options without the E. coli upcharge. Because this is America, though, McDonald's is offering one very unique thing at the stateside location: all-you-can-eat french fries.

Needless to say, people are seriously losing their shit over the announcement:

The official St. Joe's McDonald's Facebook page recently unveiled its plans following a fairly standard groundbreaking ceremony featuring a bunch of white-collar folks in hard hats awkwardly wielding shovels. The design is pretty standard fare in our world of forced minimalism equating to shiny and new.
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The real story is whatever the hell is going on in this lit-as-hell kid's area. What is up with the yellow ceiling steering wheels and why did they sequester the kid in the wheelchair to the bottom corner of this McPlayPlace?
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All will be revealed when the St. Joseph location opens over the summer. For now, start planning which drugs to take when you encounter this puzzling display of interactive play.
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For those not tripping their balls off but actually hungry for something more than a few paltry potato sticks, the St. Joseph McDonald's will offer a fully customizable burger you can craft via touchscreen. What a time to be alive.

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