Fox's s**tty Photoshop of Sam Bradford is wrong on so many levels

Sam Bradford

Screengrab via WhiteWolfSports/Twitter

Can you tell what's wrong with this image?

Mere days before the season started, the Minnesota Vikings traded for quarterback Sam Bradford after starter Teddy Bridgewater suffered a serious injury in practice. That didn’t leave TV networks much time to get a new stock photo of Bradford. But fear not, some apparently quick-thinking Photoshop wizard had the perfect solution. 

There are a couple of small problems—like the fact Bridgewater happens to be black and wearing gloves (not common for a quarterback)—but that's nothing some after effects can't fix, right?  

We’re six weeks into the NFL season, and the Vikings are off to a previously unthinkable 5-0 start, which means there’s literally no excuse for Fox not having actual game footage of Bradford. Two of the team’s games were even aired on the network. 

No wonder the Vikings felt the need to clap back. 

H/T BroBible

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