Puppy Sock Monkey Standoff Ends in Snuggles
The two engaged in a heated exchange earlier this morning.

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Following a few tense hours this morning, a standoff between a puppy and sock monkey in Parkview, Ind., ended in snuggles. 

Authorities were called to the scene around 6:15am and found a puppy and a sock monkey involved in a heated exchange. The puppy was growling and barking at the monkey, while the monkey was defiantly seated on his side, staring off to the left.

"Yeah, we were worried," said local business owner Taz Ridgeford. "That puppy is a regular and we’ve never seen him so agitated."

A group of bystanders had begun to gather by the time police arrived and were asked to stand back from the scene while negotiators attempted to talk both the dog and stuffed monkey down.

"I didn’t get a good look at it," said Ridgeford, "So I’m not sure what happened, exactly. But by about 8:45am, they were cuddling."

The local police plan a press conference for this afternoon.

Via chelseyveturis.

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