Olive was accosted Thursday by a TMZ photographer, but she has since relocated to another hotel.

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The plan was to kick back, relax, and enjoy a private, secluded beach and resort hotel. But Olive’s vacation was ruined by some determined tabloid photographers.

The celebu-pup, famous for her roles in a myriad of reality real estate shows, was “accosted" Thursday morning, according to her publicist.

"It was one of those guys from TMZ," says Serena Kinkaid, who has represented the pup for nearly two months. “Paid off the rental car attendant and tracked her down to the beach for a few sunbathing shots."

Sources close to Olive and her entourage tell The Fluffington Post that she has re-located to another hotel in the hopes of finding peace and quiet for the rest of the week.

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