Daily Fluff: Pomeranian's podcast starts to take off

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Pomeranian’s Podcast Starts to Take Off
Barktalk with Tony is storming the charts.

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It’s called “Barktalk with Tony,” and it’s about to sweep the nation. The podcast, hosted by a Pomeranian puppy named Tony, is storming up the iTunes charts. 

Recorded live as a call-in show, the dog has found a niche among people who find comfort in his sage barks of advice.

"I’m not allowed to have pets in my apartment," said longtime caller Emily Dickens. "So being able to call in and talk to Tony has been great."

"Barktalk" is now making $5,000/month via sponsorships and reaches and estimate 10,000 listeners. There are rumors that Tony is close to signing a syndication deal with SiriusXM satellite radio.

Via littledoered.

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