Pomeranian Mounts Campaign Against...
Pica no longer gets extra treats or attention from visitors, and she is seeking immediate removal of the child.

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A Pomeranian pup named Pica had mounted a legal campaign against a baby that her lawyers claim has “forcefully and maliciously stolen” from the dog.

According to Pica’s legal team, the baby has allegedly usurped the puppy’s place as the cutest member of the household, and thus taken much of the privilege that role entails.

"She no longer gets extra treats, her walks in the park are half the time they used to be, and forget about getting any attention from visitors," said lawyer Casey Litton. "That all went out the window as soon as that baby arrived."

Pica is seeking compensatory damages in $2 million range and immediate removal of the child.

Via pica_the_pom.

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