Daily Fluff: Local Frenchie can't stay out of trouble

Hamlin gets away with everything because he's adorable.

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Two sources close to the situation confirm that a French bulldog named Hamlin is constantly popping up where he doesn’t belong.

“He’s inside cardboard boxes, wrapping himself up in towels, hiding under the bed,” says one source, who asked to be quoted anonymously. “He’s just a big troublemaker, and he always gets away with it too. Probably because he’s adorable.”

Via hamlin_fb.

Daily Fluff: French bulldog couple sends out holiday card
Miiloh and Lilah, a couple of frenchies from upstate New York, are finally at the point in their relationship where they wanted to send out a holiday card together.  The pair put on their finest Christmas attire, arranged the presents around the tree, and had photographer friend Thor Anderson snap the photo a couple of weeks ago.
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