Daily Fluff: Dog complimented on naturally windblown fur

Dog Complimented on Naturally Windblown Fur
Now that beach season is ending, Merce is going to have to pay a salon to keep up the look.

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Following a recent beach outing, a Brussels Griffon puppy named Merce was delighted to be complimented on her fur. Her friends couldn’t believe that it wasn’t an expensive salon look.

"The naturally windblown thing really suits her," said stylist Dana Fukudome. "You’d pay up to $70 for that in my boutique."

The dog might end up paying for it after all. Because beach season is coming to a close, Merce is considering taking weekly trips to the hairdresser to keep her coat looking “natural.” 

"It will be worth it," said Lizzie Dozier, a close friend. "She’s been getting so many looks from the fellas. What’s a few bucks a week to keep that confidence boost going?"

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