Daily Fluff: Cat hates visits from Grandma

Cat Hates Visits From Grandma
 Though he goes...
Are the salmon-flavored hard candies worth all the cheek pinching?

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Though he goes bananas every time she pulls out the salmon-flavored hard candies, a Japanese cat named Souseki can’t stand when his grandmother comes to visit.

"I think deep down he loves her," said Yuzuru Isamu, a close friend. "But she can be overbearing."

Souseki reportedly tries to avoid his grandma by hiding under the couch when she visits.  However, in the end, his curiosity and love of salmon-flavored treats always gets the better of him, and inevitably he gets caught.

"That curiosity is a fatal flaw," said Isamu. "One of these days it’s going to kill him."

Via ntmsusk.

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