BREAKING: Living Dinosaur Spotted in Chicago
Triceratops in Chicago? Can it be?

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The triceratops, a dinosaur from the Cretaceous Period thought to be extinct for at least 65 million years, may be alive and well in Chicago, IL. Numerous residents there claim they’ve seen the dino in an apartment complex.

“Three horns, scaly neck thing — yep, it was definitely a triceratops,” says Maggie Oswald, an area resident who spotted the beast on Monday evening. “It had huge claws and was tearing up the furniture. I’ve never seen a creature behave like that. Truly prehistoric!”

Paleontologists from Chicago University are enroute to the scene.

“We need to get blood samples, check the DNA and monitor its behavior,” says Dr. Randy Sniderman. “We have no idea how this creature could possibly be alive. It’s a real Jurassic Park scenario.”

The Fluffington Post will keep you updated as this story develops.

UPDATE: It’s just a cat in a dinosaur costume. We regret the error.

Captain Pancakes, submitted by Gracie Hagen.


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