Cat Contractor Meticulously Inspects His Work
Tim builds decks and patios and more, but the best thing he's built is his reputation.

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Tim the cat’s reputation as one of the best contractors in the tri-state area didn’t just happen overnight. He worked hard at it.

The cat is a reputed perfectionist (or “purrfection," as his ads promise) and meticulously checks ever inch of every project he takes on.

"The amount of time and care he put into making sure everything was executed properly was incredible," said Tawnee Phillips, who hired Tim to rebuild her deck last year. “I mean, yeah, he got distracted a couple of times by birds, but mostly he was out there inspecting his work."

His consistent top rating on Angie’s List is important to him. “That’s what drives him," said electrician Sarah Cho, who often works with the cat. “He wants to be the best."

Via No_Water.



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