Daily Fluff: Puppy's calendar is completely booked

Puppy’s Calendar Is Completely Booked
 8am, walk....
Between walking, eating, and barking at squirrels, Chili's social calendar is impossibly packed.

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8am, walk. 8:30am, bark at squirrel. 9am, kibble. 10am, play with ball. 11:30, chew on bone. Noon, dog park. And that’s just half the day. It’s easy to see that Chili the dog’s social calendar is completely packed.

"It’s basically impossible to schedule any time with her," said Tamryn Heinz. "I was able to get 15 minutes a couple of weeks from now between a shampoo and digging a hole in the backyard. But that was really lucky. She had a cancellation."

Chili is reportedly planning to move her calendar from paper to iCal soon to keep better tabs on her day-to-day schedule.

Via Paul D’Ambra.

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