2017 to begin early, as everyone is 'done with' 2016

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Illustration via Alan O'Rourke/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Some years just don't last.

With the unexpected news that rock superstar Prince had passed away at the age of 57, the world was understandably upset. 

Emotion spilled freely on social media—some of it aimed at the day itself.
And even beyond that, to the year in which this tragedy befell us.
In no time at all, a movement had taken shape. While less than four months old, 2016 was coming to an end. With the loss of David Bowie, Merle Haggard, people were fed up, disgusted by, and "done with" 2016.
But for many, merely canceling 2016 doesn't go far enough. These people have been personally wounded by 2016—a period encompassing not just several music legends' deaths but a U.S. election cycle that seems to threaten the fabric of shared reality—and they want bloody revenge.
With 2016 at an end, whether by violent means or not, we're only left to wonder what to expect from 2017, a year that has begun eight months early.
Sounds pretty promising all around. Of course, you can't win 'em all...
Maybe we need to skip to 2018. Just to be on the safe side.
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