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AT&T, Verizon earn failing grades on latest EFF privacy scorecard
Many of the services you use every day failed badly.
glitched image of kim kardashian Kim Kardashian's website is full of dangerous security flaws
A month after being reported, no one has tried to fix the massive security flaws.
Wordpress logo in Turkish flag Ban against a single blog post leads Turkish ISPs to censor all of WordPress
Turkey tried to censor a single blog post. It got far worse.
Wiki logo in pile of money. Anti-gay activist ordered to pay $25,000 for bad DMCA claim
Occasionally, man bites dog. Occasionally, anti-gay copyright abusers get their pants sued off.
Malcolm Gladwell Weird Twitter's plagiarism police have a new target: Malcolm Gladwell
Gladwell may have bigger problems than his pseudo-facts.
wordpress logo glitch Thousands of websites hacked through new WordPress vulnerability
Nearly two million websites are at risk.