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longhorns Texas football player retweets tweet about transferring—while losing at halftime
When you're losing horribly at halftime, maybe don't tweet at all?
british pounds Words used in tweets can offer insight into how much money you make
People who earn more tweet differently.
Chinese flag Oregon shooting vs. China bombings: Should U.S. media censor its reports on mass killings?
There were two mass killings this week. You probably only heard of one of them.
little caesars Why all y'all hating on Little Caesars, fam?
Shut up and eat your cheesy bread.
illustration of the instagram logo Instagram CEO says his app bans female nipples in photos because of Apple
He explains how allowing female nipples could alienate part of Instagram's user base.
lord and miller at wondercon panel The directors of 'The Lego Movie' are turning Serial into a TV show
Could this be good? We're hopeful.