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internet company logos on keyboardKeyboard Privacy Chrome extension makes tracking your typing behavior much harder
If you're worried about companies building a typing behavior profile of you, this is the extension to install.
computer with locks floating inside of its screenHORNET: Researchers unveil high-speed anonymity network
Is this the key to better online anonymity?
KKK member with face obscured by software windowThe online security of white supremacists
The white-power movement cared about privacy long before Edward Snowden.
lineart of edward snowdenThe state of encryption tools, 2 years after Snowden leaks
Strong privacy has never been more popular.
drugs from the dark net market agoraWatch a drug dealer make pills for the Dark Net
You can watch a crime being committed in real time.
Door lock Bank thieves are using Tor to hide their malware
The harder it is to find, the harder it is to stop.
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