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Whatsapp logo pattern How Ugandans can beat government censorship
As officials openly censors the Internet, citizens turn to Tor and Psiphon.
woman ordering drugs on a computer Threatened by their dealers, women turn to the Internet for drugs
Buying drugs is inherently risky—but women face a whole other world of threats.
abstract art of twitter logo Twitter and Tor in talks to let users access social network anonymously
The Tor Project and Twitter have had face-to-face meetings on the issue.
abstract art of FBI logo Former Tor developer created malware for the FBI to hack Tor users
Operation Torpedo netted 19 convictions and counting and at least 25 de-anonymized individuals.
illustration of edward snowden Snowden leaks accelerated adoption of encryption by 7 years, U.S. intel chief says
'From our standpoint ... it's not a good thing.'