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Jacob Appelbaum 2 more people publicly allege sexual misconduct by Jacob Appelbaum
'I kept saying ‘no’, and he kept asking.'
Jacob Appelbaum talk in 2012 Woman refutes claims that Jacob Appelbaum sexually harassed her
'I recall that night clearly, and my story is entirely different.'
woman's hands at computer Security engineer goes public about Appelbaum: ‘I felt afraid and violated’
Security engineer Leigh Honeywell has come forward with allegations against Jacob Appelbaum.
Jacob Appelbaum giving a speech in 2014. Jacob Appelbaum allegedly intimidated victims into silence and anonymity
'What is important now is, if you are a victim, do not be afraid.'
deeb web Actually, the Deep Web is boring and stupid
We've never seen anything so shallow.
A photo of Jacob Appelbaum Tor developer Jacob Appelbaum steps down amid accusation of 'sexual misconduct'
After a day of silence, the Tor Project confirms accusations against a prominent privacy advocate.