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Loop in paiN Gaming huddle PaiN Gaming sues Riot over poaching punishment
A Brazilian League of Legends team is questioning a Riot Games penalty—in court.
riot games abstract stock art Riot backtracks on sandbox mode, digs in on commitment to dynamic queue
Riot has backtracked on its position that it would never develop a sandbox mode.
Nautilus statue under water Giant Nautilus statue buried off the Australian coast to create artificial reef
The perfect spot for scuba diving in Australia.
uc irvine esports UC Irvine is the biggest school yet to launch esports, League of Legends scholarship program
The university will introduce 10 scholarships for top level League of Legends players next year.
DoA and Monte MonteCristo, DoA, and PapaSmithy won't cast MSI following payment controversy
'We rely on these contracts for our income.'
riot games stock art Riot is probably developing a fighting game, acquires company started by Evo co-founders
That's the most obvious conclusion from the the League of Legends developer's latest acquisition.