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illustration of john crane 'Bravehearts' whistleblower reveals lawful disclosure method Edward Snowden didn't try
John Crane investigated alleged abuse at the Pentagon—until he became a whistleblower himself.
An illustration with five smartphones lined up next to each other, four of them black and the one in the middle red. Study shows phone metadata is much more sensitive than top spies admit
Metadata isn't as anonymous as government officials want you to believe.
illustration of edward snowden New batch of Snowden's leaked NSA docs are now available to the public
The Intercept has started to release batches of previously unseen Snowden files.
computer with nsa logo on its screen Congress to begin review of FISA surveillance powers that expire in 2017
Will Congress rein in the NSA's ability to spy on Americans?
Man using "Approved" stamp FISC approved all 2015 surveillance requests but required more wiretap modifications
Some call the court a 'rubber stamp' for government spying. But is it taking a harder look at surveillance requests?