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back of iphone NSA official says the agency couldn't have hacked the San Bernardino iPhone anyway
'If we don’t have a bad guy who’s using it, we don’t do that.'
knit tinfoil hat With this $200 knit tinfoil hat, you can protect your brainwaves in style
'They' can hear your thoughts. 'They' also hate great fashion.
edward snowden facing the viewer Edward Snowden responds to NSA correspondences released to the public
Snowden says the emails still show an incomplete history of concerns raised to the agency.
European Union flags Top European privacy official says E.U.–U.S. Privacy Shield deal still needs work
U.S. tech companies are nervously awaiting a final verdict on the agreement.
Eric Holder DOJ briefing Eric Holder says Snowden 'performed a public service' but calls leaks 'inappropriate and illegal'
Holder prosecuted more whistleblowers than any other attorney general.