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With Safe Harbor pact dead, consumer groups push for greater online privacy
But will negotiators hear their concerns?
NSA HQ at night Inside Intelexit, the activist group trying to recruit the next Edward Snowden
If no one works at the NSA, there will no one left to spy on you.
american and european flags transmitting bits of data European court throws out U.S.–E.U. data-sharing pact over NSA surveillance
This could have major consequences on both sides of the pond.
abstract art of edward snowden Edward Snowden says he's offered to go to prison 'many times'
He's just waiting for the U.S. government to call him back.
abstract art of edward snowden Edward Snowden describes GCHQ's 'Smurf Suite' of phone surveillance tools
It would be foolish to assume that you were truly safe from determined government spies.
illustration of a  key made with data House speaker candidates Kevin McCarthy and Jason Chaffetz disagree on encryption
One candidate vehemently opposes backdoors in encryption. The other...not so much.