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Mark Zuckerberg Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg tries to reassure conservative leaders during meeting
What did Glenn Beck think about all of this?
mark zuckerberg at f8 Facebook's response to trending topics controversy: Hey, we have conservative friends
Yes, this is Facebook's actual response to accusations of bias.
Facebook logo How Facebook controls the news media
Facebook’s real bias is against news outlets that don’t buy into its business model.
illustration of the facebook logo Key Senate committee leader asks Facebook CEO if site's trending topics have liberal bias
Facebook has already said that there is 'no evidence' of it imposing a liberal bias on the trending list.
Donald Trump standing in front of an American flag with a thumbs up How Mark Zuckerberg could stop Donald Trump
Be careful what you wish for.
gravestone with a facebook like on the front RIP the Facebook Like, 2009-2016
1 like = 1 grief.