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Donald Trump standing in front of an American flag with a thumbs up How Mark Zuckerberg could stop Donald Trump
Be careful what you wish for.
gravestone with a facebook like on the front RIP the Facebook Like, 2009-2016
1 like = 1 grief.
abstract art of the apple logo and the fbi logo Americans trust Apple but remain divided on unlocking iPhone for FBI, new poll finds
Apple is highly trusted, but Americans are still skeptical.
illustration of jack dorsey ISIS threatens Twitter and Facebook CEOs as the companies ban more of its supporters
The terrorist group relies on social media to recruit new jihadists, but its grip is weakening.
computer with the facebook logo on its screen Why I can't stand Facebook's Reactions
Facebook doesn't need to be as complex as we are.
Kanye West is begging Silicon Valley for money right now
It's time to pay the piper.