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Ex-Titan One of France's best Counter-Strike lineups signs with G2
One of the premiere French lineups in Counter-Strike has found a new home.
G2 Esports counter strike team With $700,000 price tag, FaZe becomes the most expensive CS:GO team in history
The sale was allegedly influenced by ESL co-founder Jens Hilger.
Echo Fox Cop, Keith, Baby, and Hard Echo Fox will forfeit today's game against NRG
It seems the team is having some visa issues.
Koosta's breakthrough performance leads Enemy to win at inaugural NA CS:GO Minor
Kenneth “Koosta” Suen is the name on Counter-Strike fan's lips today.
EU LCS Crowd Here's what we learned from the first week of the 2016 European LCS
The League Championship Series is back—and not all of the European teams are performing well.
ESPN Esports ESPN's dedicated esports section launches this week
The sports goliath is finally committing to esports.