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Bookmakers Major bookmaker opens esports book, boasts 'high four figure bets'
If you thought esports betting wasn't already big, you can now bet on World of Tanks.
gaming notebook stock Esports are coming to high school—in Sweden
Want to spend your high school classroom hours training for video game competitions?
league of legends champions An Ohio student group is planning one of the biggest-ever collegiate esports tournaments
When you think about places esports are happening, the Midwest is far down on the list.
adderall 15mg pill Why you should take esports' new drug tests with a pinch of bath salts
Esports has a lot of problems. Substance abuse isn't one of them.
Esports orgs speak out on performance-enhancing drug debate
The use of performance enhancing drugs is nothing new to esports.
Onisan at EVO An interview with the shirtless Evo guy
There's much more to the 'shirtless Evo guy' than the tournament's most viral moment.
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