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Politiwoops uploads its 1.1 mil tweets to Int. Archive Politwoops preserves its 1.1 million tweets with the Internet Archive
The duplicity of politicians endureth forever.
distorted image of a computer Bogus Electronic Frontier Foundation site targets users with malware
A spear phishing campaign used the name of the Electronic Frontier Foundation to exploit victims' trust.
Man using tablet New report reveals AT&T was 'highly collaborative' with NSA on Internet spying
The documents come from a trove released by Edward Snowden.
Door with blinds shadow It just got easier to tell companies not to track your every move online
The death of Do Not Track may have been exaggerated.
smashed iphone with an image of a sexy lady on the screen Judge orders sheriff to cease campaign against Backpage sex-worker ads
Backpage is still hanging by a thread.
Automatic weapon made from encrypted data The rise of the new Crypto War
The U.S. government wants to stop terrorists and criminals from 'going dark.' But at what cost?