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Automatic weapon made from encrypted dataThe rise of the new Crypto War
The U.S. government wants to stop terrorists and criminals from 'going dark.' But at what cost?
10-cent slot on surveillance cameraHacking Team breach sparks renewed fight to regulate cyberweapons
Regulation of a cutting edge arena like hacking brings myriad risks.
abstract art of a computer monitorActivist coder seeks help finding Hacking Team malware targets
A developer is building a way to detect Hacking Team malware. Can you help her?
Hacking Team founder David VincezettiHacking Team CEO David Vincenzetti: From cypherpunk to cyberweapons dealer
David Vincenzetti once rolled in the same circles as Julian Assange. Not anymore.
Why Funimation's statement on fanart is a double-edged sword for creators
Funimation takes a tolerant position, but it's missing a key point.
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