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Broken window How Airbnb, Uber, and Lyft rank on privacy protections
How transparency about user privacy helps keep the government honest.
Electronic Frontier Foundation stylized blue logo EFF vows to tie up encryption 'backdoor' legislation in court 'for years'
The battle over backdoors has just begun.
Shari Steele in front of Tor onion logo pattern How Shari Steele aims to take the Tor Project mainstream
The Tor Project has an image problem. Shari Steele knows how to fix it.
glitchy image of obama From encryption to the NSA, what experts want from Obama's last State of the Union
Experts agree: It sure would be nice if Obama would say that encryption backdoors are a bad idea.
abstract art of wifi logo T-Mobile's CEO wages war with EFF over Binge On throttling test
T-Mobile CEO John Legere took to Twitter to respond to tests released by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.
President Obama's face made of zeroes and ones Save Crypto petition passes 100,000 signatures, adding pressure on White House
Privacy advocates are making their voices heard.