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 illustration of a key lodging itself into a computer Top DHS official vows to defend 100 percent of federal networks against cyber threats in 2016
Homeland Security has the tools—but will they work?
illustration of a key lodging itself into a computer U.S. can't ban encryption because it's a global phenomenon, Harvard study finds
The U.S. isn't the only country that makes crypto.
gltiched image of obama Here’s what Obama gets right in his new cybersecurity plan
President Obama’s cybersecurity plan is more than ‘a step in the right direction.’
Obama cybersecurity commission could lay groundwork for next administration's policy
It won't be able to make changes—but if the next president reads its report, that's good enough.
glitch image of a podium Obama unveils $19 billion Cybersecurity National Action Plan
The new plan is a grab-bag of programs and initiatives to tackle persistent cyber issues.