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China returns passport to artist Ai Weiwei after 4 years
Ai Weiwei can finally leave China again.
Turkish flagTurkey responds to deadly bombing by censoring social media, news sites
Even if online censorship worked, they were awfully late.
ellen pao smiling on a colorful backgroundReddit's former CEO says Ellen Pao fought for free speech this whole time
Pao's departure was initially cheered by redditors who thought she was pushing for censorship.
Jodi MagiJodi Magi, Australian tourist, jailed in UAE for calling out bad parking
She's in jail for 'writing bad words about a person.'
How worried should we be that Russia and China will censor the Web if the U.S. gives up DNS control?Will the U.S. giving up control of a key Internet function hurt free speech?
Conservatives are worried, but more liberal watchdogs say it's the right move.
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