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graph bars with china's flag imprinted on them China's new credit reports are the government's latest censorship tool
Watch what you say, or your credit score might plummet.
Chinese flag Oregon shooting vs. China bombings: Should U.S. media censor its reports on mass killings?
There were two mass killings this week. You probably only heard of one of them.
illustration of the instagram logo Instagram CEO says his app bans female nipples in photos because of Apple
He explains how allowing female nipples could alienate part of Instagram's user base.
China's President Xi Jinping takes to Facebook while banning it back home
The message from the world’s most censorial regimes is simple.
Thailand's junta wants a great firewall like China's Thailand may copy Chinese censorship efforts with its own Great Firewall
Using the Internet in Thailand might get even tougher.
French flag Google must extend 'right to be forgotten' deletions to its entire network
Google has warned that spreading 'right to be forgotten' further could have a chilling effect online.