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computer with an american flag on its screen U.S. agency behind pro-democracy propaganda to launch Internet Freedom Office
The agency that funds encrypted-messaging apps and Tor is doubling down on those efforts.
a person writing bad comments on a website Top European court rules that websites aren't liable for mean comments
You can't force a European website to delete a comment just because it hurts your feelings.
paint We talked to the man who forced the U.K. film board to watch 10 hours of paint drying
To protest film censorship, a British filmmaker made the censors watch paint dry for ten hours.
Ripped-up picture in garbage can Turkish official convinces court to censor every online photo of him kicking a protester
This is one way to try to salvage your reputation.
map of pakistan with the youtube logo intersecting it Google appeases Pakistani censors with country-specific version of YouTube
YouTube hopes to 'pave the way' for local artists and personalities.
censorship computer Major UK broadband provider will now block all porn by default
Lots of uncomfortable customer calls are sure to follow.