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Turkcell logo with person waving finger and person tweeting Turkish mobile operator Turkcell wants 862 tweets censored following a child-abuse scandal
Turkcell got a court to order the tweets censored—but Twitter isn't backing down.
Chinese regulators want to put new requirements on websites to operate in the country China's new domain-name registry rule could pave way for broader censorship
The rules would give China a new way to censor websites.
turkey flag combined with the facebook logo The rotten politics infecting Turkey's social media
Turkey has a problem, and it's only getting worse.
person speaking and having their words censored If we want free speech across the globe, we need VPNs
VPNs are giving a voice to those who have never had one.
censorship tape over mouth AdBlock is replacing ads with anti-censorship messages
What do Edward Snowden, Pussy Riot, and Ai Weiwei all have in common?