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The state of surveillance in 2015
The effects of Snowden's disclosures are becoming more clear.
pCk1dri.jpg (1024×512) Stop Watching Us rally in D.C. was the biggest anti-NSA event yet
Thousands turned out to hear speeches by security expert Bruce Schneier, Rep. Justin Amash, and whistleblower Thomas Drake.
cybercommand.jpg (1440×720) What we talk about when we talk about cyberwar
The U.S. launched 231 offensive cyberoperations in 2011. But what exactly does that translate to in practical terms?
imgur: the simple image sharer Did the NSA secretly make a major math breakthrough?
The latest leak from Edward Snowden seems to suggest the NSA secretly made a major math breakthrough.
All sizes | D-Wave Orion | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Does the NSA have a quantum computer?
In Wired, security expert Bruce Schneier explores the question of how sophisticated the NSA's encryption attacks might be.
undefined Can the NSA's data center hold the entire world's digital communications?
The NSA's new Utah Data Center is massive. What does that tell us about what the agency is collecting?