Guy inadvertently posts video inviting friend over for a threeway

three-way guy
This couldn't have gone over well. 

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We've all been there.

You're super excited after getting the go ahead from your fiancée Cynthia to invite her best friend Zoey over for a threeway, so you hastily record a video introducing yourself to Zoey and letting her know that you're totally open to having a threeway this week, next week, the week after that, whenever, anytime, today, or maybe tomorrow, whenever possible, and you're just really excited to show her things that she's never seen and do things that were never done before in a threeway.

Then you hastily upload the video to your public YouTube account that 300 people are subscribed to, and await your threeway.

And then it hits you: You forgot to mention that you're also available for a threeway in a fortnight.

Dammit. Threeway's off.

By Neetzan Zimmerman [H/T: Betabeatvideo via Reddit]

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