What would grandma think of the Nyan Cat?

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elders react
In the latest Fine Brothers series on YouTube, "Elders React," we learn what the older generation thinks of Internet culture.

“Too much time and too much marijuana on their hands.”

That’s how one older  individual reacted to Nyan Cat for the Fine Brothers latest franchise, “Elders React.”

The series follows the same formula as “Kids React” and “Teens React,” except with a much older demographic.

And what better way to kick off a Web series than to critique this year’s Webby award-winning Meme of the Year?

“It’s so cute; it’s just a cat going and going and going,” offers Diane, who ended up loving the Pop Tart cat and its rainbow ways.  

Most of the elders weren’t as kind as Diane, however.

“I keep waiting for something to happen” Tina comments.

After the initial criticisms, the inaugural episode quickly evolved into a conversation about technology, virality, the originality of remixes, and the merits of YouTube, which one elder called “probably one of the greatest things to come along for social engineering.”

As one elder admitted, they have a hard time keeping up with modern technology, but their reflections on Web phenomenon were charming and insightful.

All in all, this was an excellent first episode. We’re looking forward to episode number two, which goes up May 31.

The YouTube community agrees, and have showered the Fine Brothers comment section with praise, or encouraging words like “awesome” and “LOVE IT!!!”

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