4 Times Square Condé Nast Building
A satirical Twitter account that claimed to snoop on the snooty magazine publisher has stopped tweeting.

@CondeElevator, an anonymous Twitter account that claimed to post overheard conversations from the headquarters of magazine publisher Condé Nast, has called it quits.

In a tweet from earlier today, the unknown owner posted “Girl or Guy #1 [in elevator alone]: This got really crazy. Love my job. Better stop. #sorry.”

The account gained notoriety far beyond 4 Times Square, the New York office tower that Condé Nast—and @CondeElevator—call home. @CondeElevator attracted more than 59,000 followers, after a flurry of press reports and Condé Nast’s arched eyebrows made it blog fodder. It even garnered praise from the New York media elite for having a better digital strategy than many of Condé’s magazines, which lag behind the satirical account in Twitter followers.

The owner of the account was never identified. The Daily Beast’s sources pointed fingers at Lucky Magazine style editor John Jannuzzi, citing his extensive digital background and his snarky personal Twitter account. Jannuzzi tweeted “This is f*cking ridiculous” and then reported getting a “frantic text message” from his mother.

Rest in peace, @CondeElevator. It was a nice ride until someone pressed the emergency stop button.

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