Tall tales of erotic encounters with Bon Iver

Move over Feminist Ryan Gosling. There's a new peculiarly obsessive Tumblr blog in town.

Justin Vernon is a tender dude. We know because of the heartfelt, sensitive music he produces with his band Bon Iver. A new Tumblr blog is betting that he’s a sensitive lover, too.

Bon Iver Erotic Stories regales readers with tales (presumably of the wishful variety) of the musician’s bedroom prowess, along with stories of his affectionate nature.

The posts range from saucy fan fiction about the singer’s cunnilingus skills to memories of his charred pine and licorice-scented flannel.

If Vernon’s anything like the lover this blog claims he is, then “Emma” may rue the day she and the Wisconsinite went their separate ways.

Photo via Bon Iver Erotic Stories

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