U.K. restaurant releases a 'Stranger Things' menu

Stranger Things Eleven screengrab

Screengrab via Netflix

Lego my Eggo—or else.

If there was a moment that cemented our love for Eleven, the mysterious girl from Stranger Things, it was probably when she rage-stomped into a grocery store and made off with an armful frozen Eggos. 

At some point we've all given zero fucks while downing a pile of waffles. (Right? Anyone?) And the good news is now you can take your snack attack to an actual restaurant. 

Lucky Chip, a small London burger chain, has themed its October menu after the popular Netflix show. That means dishes like Stranger Wings, the Up Fried Down, and, yes, an Eggos Waffle Burger. 

If you're feeling especially brave, you can take on the Demogorgon Burger (but you better eat it before it eats you).  
How about expanding to the U.S., Lucky Chip? We'd love to get in on this Eggo action. 

H/T Mashable

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