'Thriller' lights up the night in this incredible Halloween light display

Halloween Light Show

Screengrab via KimF/YouTube

There's demons closing in on every side.

Hey, you there, with the Christmas decorations. Put that crap away. You're not pre-gaming the winter holidays until you've paid proper tribute to the spookiest time of year. 

For starters, feast your eyes on some of this year's stunning Halloween light displays. Who needs another boring inflatable Frosty when you can have the theme from The Nightmare Before Christmas booming from your front lawn? 

We've seen recordings of some incredible Halloween light displays on YouTube in recent years. Many of them are from the good folks at Creative Light Displays, though plenty of newcomers are getting in on the thrills and chills. Who can forget this awesome Ghostbusters display from 2015.

Or this creepy tribute to Five Nights at Freddy's
Or the classic "This is Halloween," from the aforementioned Tim Burton classic The Nightmare Before Christmas.  

It's still early in the season, but 2016 is already turning out some great additions to the bunch. Little ghosts and goblins down in Mobile, Alabama, will be enjoying this "Thriller" display this year. 
And we love the leering pumpkins in this Beetlejuice dubstep remix. 
If these clips don't put you in the Halloween spirit, we guess you can just take your warm and cheerful heart to North Pole and leave the fun for the rest of us ghouls. 

H/T Nerdist

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