The best 'Hamilton' jewelry and accessories on Etsy

Hamilton musical jewelry

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Don't miss your shot at these awesome items.

If jumping off your couch and yelling “HERCULES MULLIGAN!” wasn't enough to celebrate Lin-Manuel Miranda's Pulitzer Prize win for his hit musical Hamilton this week, perhaps you’d like to honor the occasion with a bit of jewelry. Don't worry, Etsy’s got you covered.

A search on Etsy for Hamilton jewelry brings up a ton of options both for ready-made and customized items. Some of it is subtle, like this “Rise Up” pendant, this “Guns and Ships” necklace from Lilac Fox Designs, or this bracelet that just says “Awesome. Wow.” If you didn’t know, you might not even realize these were Hamilton-related. 

But you do know, because you probably haven't stopped listening to the cast recording since September.

If you want to make your love a little more obvious, there are locket necklaces featuring the Hamilton playbill. Or you can get a pendant with a portrait of what is surely our hottest founding father. If you’re more of a Schuyler Sisters fan, there are some pins that show you’re all about WORK, and Westeros makes this “...and Peggy” necklace, for the third wheels among us. And if you’re into Alexander Hamilton/Aaron Burr roleplay, these “your obedient servant” boyshorts will get the job done. Between the jewelry, underwear, wall decals and scented candles, no one will ever doubt your obsession again. 

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