Watch T.J. Miller and Ryan Reynolds' unscripted jabs in the 'Deadpool' gag reel

Deadpool Gag reel

Screengrab via Milad Faint/YouTube

'You can watch the Matthew McConaughey Lincoln commercials later, you communist f***!'

What could possibly be more entertaining than the expletive-laden, sexually-charged Deadpool movie? Perhaps the rapid-fire alt-joke stylings of Weasel (T.J. Miller) and Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) in the film’s gag reel.

In addition to Miller’s priceless deadpans and Reynold’s charming wit, the gag reel features a little over six minutes of fighting slip-ups, a revolving door of biting insults, and plenty of sex scene embarrassments.

While fans will have to wait until May 10 to get their hands on the DVD and Blu-ray, the film as well as its extras are available for download through iTunes. If only Deadpool 2 was right around the corner, too.

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