Is Tumblr now more popular than Pinterest?

Microblogging site is now the fourth largest social network, according to Alexa rankings.

Having recently surpassed MySpace in terms of traffic, Tumblr is moving up the list of the most popular social networks in the world.

Between July 2011 and July 2012 Tumblr’s monthly unique visitor count increased by 100 percent to 26.9 million, Marketing Land reported.

This puts Tumblr, the five-year-old microblog founded in New York, neck and neck with Pinterest which collects more than 23 million uniques a month, according to statistics from Site Analytics which tracks how many visitors sites collect in the U.S.

In July, Tumblr collected 6.7 million mobile visitors and 24 million search visits.

In May, Tumblr broke into comScore’s list of the top 50 U.S. web properties, edging out Target and Discovery Digital Media for spot 47. The top social network on the list was Facebook at number 4 with 159 million unique visitors for April 2012.

Tumblr currently hosts 74 million blogs and 31 billion posts. It collects about 100,000 new blogs every day.

The top social networking sites in the world in terms of visits are Facebook (7 billion), Twitter (182 million), Pinterest (104 million), and LinkedIn (86 million), according to Experian Hitwise.

Photo by Marco Arment/Flickr

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