In Tuesday's Reddit Digest, redditors are shocked to learn that Shirley Temple isn't dead, MIT invents "solar cubes," and redditors discuss the timeless question, "are we really that smart?"

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  • How would Shirley Temple feel knowing that the simple fact she's still alive is the most popular piece of information on a large corner of the Internet that's devoted entirely to little-known factoids? (/r/todayilearned)

  • MIT scientists have invented the "solar cube," a kind of solar tower that can be 2-20 times more efficient than traditional solar panels—but only in terms of ground area used. Is the technology as amazing as it sounds? Redditors are divided. (/r/science)

  • Redditor ta_trans is a straight man dating a post-op transgender woman. His AMA is worth a read. It could have been even better, if Reddit's crappy side hadn't come out force: "I originally posted this without involving my girlfriend, with the intention that I'd see what the questions were like, and maybe we could answer some together," ta_trans wrote in an update to his post. "Sadly, since most of the comments here seem to be either LGBT-related slurs or questions about her fucking junk, I'm gonna just stick with doing stuff myself here." (/r/IAmA)

  • This amazing photograph of a 15-year-old Incan girl who was frozen solid 500 years ago was a top post at r/pics yesterday. Today, r/askscience discusses whether scientists could clone her. The conversation provides a fun primer on problems with current cloning technology. ([/r/askscience)

  • r/AskReddit lists out common untruths that are nevertheless always paraded about as "facts." Top on the list? "Einstein failed math in grade school." Redditor polltype posts a scanned copy of the legendary physicist's report card, just in case you held any doubts. (/r/AskReddit)

  • Here's an entertainingly-phrased question: "Redditors ... are we really that smart?" Reddit's really too big for the "we" to have any meaning in this context, but the discussion is still worth reading. (/r/TheoryOfReddit)

Did I miss something? Let me know in the comments.

Photo by Puck777

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