The digital and print publication essentially plans to what every other Pinterest user already does for free.

That’s what Pinned Monthly magazine is banking on. The digital and print publication hopes to cash in on the addictive image-sharing platform by curating pins it finds interesting on a monthly basis.

In other words, it’ll do what every other Pinterest user already does for free.

The magazine, which is “in no way affiliated with Pinterest,” is prohibitively expensive, charging $29 for a digital subscription and $89 for the dead-tree version. It writes that it is a not-for-profit endeavour; all proceeds will be donated to Room to Read’s Girl’s Education program.



If you’ve already donated to charity recently, you can also read Pinned Monthly without paying a cent. Simply check out its Pinterest page. Like the magazine is scheduled to be, the page is a plain list of pins with no description or explanation.

When #PinChat members discovered the magazine yesterday, they were generally not in favor.

“[O]ne of the things I love about Pinterest is that it's not in print, no paper, no waste, no junk in my mailbox, no what page, what issue was that. WTF?!” wrote entrepreneur Jewel Fryer.

“As many people are cancelling their traditional subscriptions and going completely digital I am not sure how this would [help] except for bringing Pinterest to those that do not have a computer,” wrote #PinChat founder Kelly Lieberman.

At the very least, Pinned Monthly is doing one thing right. It won’t be publishing any pins without the author’s “express permission.”

According to its website, the first issue of Pinned Monthly will be released in April. However, it currently has fewer than ten Twitter and Pinterest followers combined. We’ve reached out to the publication in order to talk to it about how it plans to catch on.

Photo by Pinned Monthly


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