More winter storms cause massive pileup on Ohio Turnpike

snow-pileup.jpg (1440×720)
More than 50 vehicles are involved in the fatal wreck.

Spring is just days away, but snowstorms continue to wreak havoc in certain parts of the U.S. One video captured Wednesday shows the horrifying results of yet another winter blast.

Incredible footage posted to YouTube by the Sandusky Register shows a massive traffic pileup on the Ohio Turnpike. The video, which was shot from an overpass, features tractor-trailers scattered across the icy road, some of them torn open. According to the Register, the crash killed two motorists and seriously injured an Ohio State trooper.

This is just a part of the scene, which stretched on for two miles.

Unusually high storm activity throughout the 2013-2014 winter season was also blamed for similar mass pileups in Atlanta and Philadelphia.

H/T Sandusky Register / Photo and video by Shawn Foucher/SanduskyRegister

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