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We knew it would happen: Anonymous has formally announced OpDorner, a mission to disrupt the LAPD's manhunt for fugitive ex-officer Christopher Dorner. 
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christopher dorner
Christopher Dorner inspires "Chocolate Rambo" meme
As the “Christopher Dorner versus the cops” saga plays out in southern California, Dorner continues to gain outright fans and reluctant admirers all across the Internet. And now he's also inspired a potentially bizarre new meme: Dorner as “Chocolate Rambo.”
Anonymous is doxing KKK members (and I'm OK with it)
Can doxing be used for good? It seems like an odd question in a year when the prominent outing of personal details about women in gaming has become major news; of course we should oppose doxing! No one should be threatened with the release of personally identifying information! But that changes when the target of said outing is a booster of a major hate group: the KKK, an organization that has thrived in no small part because of its secretiveness. It’s easy to make raciali...

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