We knew it would happen: Anonymous has formally announced OpDorner, a mission to disrupt the LAPD's manhunt for fugitive ex-officer Christopher Dorner. 

Via the traditional routes of YouTube and accompanying Pastebin transcript, the Internet Hate Machine has decried the LAPD shootings of two petite, unarmed women in the hunt for the six-foot, 270-pound Dorner. 

The announcement encourages everyone to raise arms against the LAPD. "We do not condone the vicious acts that Dorner has allegedly partaken in," it says. "Instead, we sympathize and resonate with his struggle. Dorner was not born a killer he was a law abiding citizen that was tainted by the corrupt and inhumane practices of the Los Angeles Police Department who serve only themselves."

A previously announced attempt to DDoS the LAPD site fizzled, with most observers reporting no downtime. As its first official action, however, OpDorner doxed the senior officers of the LAPD, posting the result to (surprise) Facebook instead of Pastebin or AnonPaste. 

The material might be outdated, however, merely a repost of an old dox. It's impossible to compare this post, conducted from a new Christopher Dorner account, with the original, as StickyPaste is offline and Google has no cached version of the paste.

Anonymous is clearly rooting through the digital cupboard, looking for things it stashed away months ago. So this move is not exactly a squib, but not exactly a warhead. Your move, LAPD.

Art via CS Stanley/Twitpic