I’ve been fortunate. I’ve seen Willie Nelson—an incomparable living legend of country music—in nearly every imaginable setting: a couple of Fourth of July picnics, an Austin City Limits taping with Asleep at the Wheel, a few festival appearances, the opening of his short-lived gas station, and at a gala event.

But I’ve never seen anyone respond with the sheer ecstatic energy of this guy, described by the LiveLeak uploader as “Mitt Romney & Jim Carrey's love child.” In an otherwise standard blues number, he shimmies and shakes, he twirls his head, and dances in circles. He raises the roof and does something resembling a bit from the "Thriller" dance. It’s absolutely incredible.

Most commenters seem to think he’s rolling on Molly. That’s a solid bet, especially since they appear to be either on a cruise ship or in Hawaii. But I think he just took all of his dancing cues from Elaine on Seinfeld.

As George Costanza says in that classic scene, “Sweet fancy Moses!”

Screengrab via YouTube