Wednesday night, the New Orleans Pelicans hosted the Indiana Pacers. The Pacers won, but no one was really watching—they couldn’t tear their eyes away from the Pelicans’ new mascot, Pierre.

In addition to debuting the new basketball team (formerly the New Orleans Hornets), the franchise also debuted Pierre, his beak and arms wide open:

And while many fans applauded the new mascot’s look, the main theme on Twitter last night was pure terror.

You’re right, Twitter. It’s his eyes.

A lot of people thought Pierre looked not like a pelican, but something “other.”

And then, of course, Pierre was Photoshopped into other terrifying moments.

New Orleans has a rich history of costumery, which might be why Pierre's getup is a bit of a letdown. Now you’re going to see those eyes in every sewer grate you pass. Happy Halloween!

Photo via New Orleans Pelicans/Twitter