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"Heterogeneous nucleation" is quite a mouthful, but it's a wonder to behold. YouTuber SimonSaysBaka is a Swede with some time on his hands and an interesting way to spend it: blowing bubbles in -30 degree weather and watching them freeze.

This is, I assure you, more interesting than it sounds.

His video of a freezing soap bubble has 468,495 views, and Tumblr user cineraria has GIF'd it, nabbing 184,196 notes since March 1. The reblogs were assisted by some base-level drama when pfdiva asked a simple question:

OMG, that’s so fucking cool!  Someone from the science side of Tumblr needs to come along and tell me what’s going on here!

The first response was "the bubble is freezing you fucking idiot," the second was, "thank u science side of tumblr" and things progressed from there in typical Tumblr civility.

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