Legs. If you're on Instagram, you've surely seen them. On the beach. By the pool. On a deck. Stretched out across some couch. They're the vision of luxury—laid back, feet up, pure bliss, #chillaxing. 

But they look a little silly, right? Some girl's legs bent square at the knee stationed in front an ocean. They look like tan sticks. They look somewhat like pool cues. They look… well, they look like hot dogs.

That's the line of thinking arrived upon by one anonymous Tumblrer, whose new Hot Dog Legs photo blog currently has the Internet going nuts. The Tumblr, started in July, shows photos of prototypical #chillaxation poses, leaving viewers to determine what exactly they're seeing. 

Definitely hot dogs.




Too cool, hot dog.


Tough one! 


Think about it the next time you're lounging by the pool.

Photo via HotDogLegs/Tumblr