Believe it or not, it has been 10 full years since a member of G.I. Joe's team first asked for a body massage.

Beginning in 2003, Fensler Films made a name for itself by remastering old episodes of G.I. Joe. These became some of the defining viral videos of the pre-YouTube era; I brought my external hard drive to friends' houses to collect Limewire downloads of them all. Subtle edits and not-so-subtle dialogue dubs made the cookie-cutter 1980s cartoon series into an absurdist collection of shorts that found the heroes suddenly saying things like "I am a computer" and "These beats are fresh." They aimed for the PSAs that appeared at the end of every episode, which were lame even by 1980s standards and could barely be taken seriously. Honestly, after watching Roadblock risk his life in battle against Cobra Commander, G.I. Joes really have no right to tell me not to mess with a live wire that fell from a pole.

Here are all 25 of the Fensler PSA parody videos, ranked from best to worst. There’s really no contest for what’s at the top of the list, but come with us as we explore the lesser-known titles, too.

Last one there's a penis pump.

1) Help Computer

Mutt, who has assumed the role of a computer, enlists the help of a snarling dog to teach a child about the dangers of illegal downloading. Not only is the clip hilarious—and one of Fensler Films' best-known edits—but it is also far more effective than the "You wouldn't steal a car" PSAs that studios place onto DVDs.